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Anonymous: i know this is /the/ weirdest question ever but would you be able to take a picture of one of the pages from inside your barnes & noble leatherbound classics book? i'm super picky about the font/text size in books. they're so pretty on the outside but i can't justify paying more than i normally would unless i know i'll be happy with the actual text. ^_^

It’s not weird at all! Actually I’ve already posted a photo of one of the pages in the “Complete Grimm’s Fairytale”-edition. You can get an idea of the actual text side from the picture right here.

Anonymous: Do u have a utube channel? If not please do! I'm so gonna watch ur reviews!

Sadly, no not really. I am considering joining BookTube though. However I feel a little too self-conscious about my fluent English to take the plunge just yet. 

(But BookTube really is awesome!)

Anonymous: Where do you get the editions published by Folio Society? They're so pretty!

I buy them from Folio Society’s official webshop. (Link here). They really are quite stunning!