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yinyangssmiless7: What do you think of Alice Munro's "Too Much Happiness?"

Sadly I haven’t read it yet. But I hope to read it soon! 

queennovella: i hope you enjoy "this is a love story". it's one of my all time favourite romance novels :*

I quite like it as well, but perhaps it was a bit frustrating for me to read, as I so desperately wanted Nick and Sienna to find each other! The wait was excruciating :)

whiteskymagicdreams: Hi I just find out your tumblr and I think your amazing. Don't anwer if you don't want but what's your first name?

Thank you so much! My first name is Rikke :)

Anonymous: May I ask how old are you?

You certainly may! I am 24 years old :)