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Anonymous: what publisher is the alice in wonderland set from?

This set? It’s from the Folio Society :) It can be found right here.

Anonymous: What lens do you use for taking pictures and filming?

I use a Canon EF 50mm. f/1.8 II lens :) 

Anonymous: You saw The Maze Runner? How was it? :D

It was quite good. There were a few minor plot holes and hints of something that ought to have been explained more thoroughly. But I guess that is just a side-effect of not having read the book.

I was surprised at how much the story reminded me of ‘Lord of the Flies’ though. I am definitely intrigued and will soon read the novel.

this-side-of-apricity: Hey, I see you read Stoner. Would you recommend it? I know little about it, but I'm immensely curious. Also, I really love the blog!

Actually I had decided not to read ‘Stoner’. For some reason it didn’t appeal to me, and it was a coincidence that I suddenly found it in front of me. 

At the moment I am interning at the publishing house who has published the Danish translation of ‘Stoner’. They gave the book to me with a hint of pride and told me how great it was. And of course, I read it out of sheer curiosity. And boy, was I surprised.

'Stoner' is a tragedy, but it is a silent tragedy of everyday-life. It is the tale of a wrong marriage, a quarrel fought without words, and of feeling out of place in the world. It is a story about literature and books and a man who finds consolation in the safe words, written neatly down on paper. It touched my heart in a way I had never expected and it was so, so, so beautiful and melancholic.

Of course I’d recommend it. I only wish I had read it sooner myself.

<3 And thank you for your kind words.