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Anonymous: You from Denmark?

Yes, I am :) 

just-my-imagination-love: Hello lovely, Could you tell me where did you get your William morrow edition of nail gaimans neverwhere and smoke and mirrors please? Xo

Hi dear! I bought my William Morrow editions of ‘Neverwhere’ and ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ in a Danish bookstore in Copenhagen named ‘Politikens Boghal’. I was so excited when I discovered that they actually sold those beautiful editions; they are so hard to find elsewhere. 

Anonymous: hi! I LOVE your url! Would you mind if I keep it in mind for other websites as a username (for myself)?

Thank you! I love my url as well. It symbolizes something very personal to me; and I do like to consider my blog as a castle built out of paperbacks and words.

For some reason, I do not love the thought of others using my url. However, I can’t hinder you in doing so, as I do not own the phrase! :)