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annelise-lauren: where did you learn to take such beautiful photos? xx

First of all: thank you for your sweet words! 

Secondly, I did not learn anything anywhere. In fact I’m very ignorant of my camera and its functions. Half of the time I simply use the CA-setting and hardly do any adjusting myself.  I know shamefully little about cameras. 

My photos hardly ever end up as I had thought they would be. My ideas and expectations are always tricked by the realities, and I’m a much better photographer in my mind than in reality. The photos I post are always just a mere shadow of my original ideas.

The ‘magic’ is in the set-up. In the soft light from my open windows and in the ideas. Sometimes Photoshop plays a huge role as well. But my learning of photography, of cameras and technique is minimal. It is hardly there at all.

Learning by doing. I guess. 

thelibraryofmacleay: Might I ask where you got that lovely edition of The Ocean at the End of the Lane you posted last year?

You certainly may. The book was a so-called ‘Limited Deluxe Edition’ and was only for sale in a brief period of time. I can’t remember exactly how many copies were made, but I would guess about 2000 - which is why each copy is provided with a number.

I pre-ordered mine at the American Amazon-site, but they were out of stock pretty quickly. Perhaps you can track it down on eBay? :) 

headingtoabrandnewplace: Hi there! So I'm starting to think about the subject of the dissertation I'll be writing and I'm thinking about coming-of-age books. I have a question for you and your followers: what are the first coming-of-age books that come to your mind? In the young adult area? This would help me A LOT. Thanks :)

Coming of age novels? Are you talking about modern Young Adult or simply stories that concern young adults? Personally, I LOVE ‘I Capture the Castle;. ‘Little Women’ is another obvious favorite, but ‘Emily of New Moon’ is so tragically overlooked that I need to mention that as well.

In the more modern sense of the genre, I do love ‘Deathless’ (fairy-tale retelling), ‘The Goldfinch’ and of course the Harry Potter series.

There’s so many!